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Custom Container Modifications

Custom ContainersContainer Alliance is an industry standout when it comes to ISO Container Modifications; from lock boxes to containerized housing, we can do it all.

The ISO Container (International Standards Organization) has been designed with the intended use of transporting thousands of pounds of cargo overseas. The fundamental design and structure is therefore extremely durable, and can be repurposed in a multitude of applications.

Container Alliance has extensive experience in basic modifications, as well as high-end special projects, and can cater to essentially any need that might come up with regards to custom cargo containers. Our many years of experience in container modifications are reflected in the high quality of our container modifications. We truly believe that our custom work is second to none in the industry, and get feedback from our clients on a daily basis that speaks to that testament.

It all starts with the building block itself: the ISO container. We have created lasting relationships with the biggest and best shipping lines and leasing companies in the industry, and are very careful in the products that we select and ultimately buy. We never start with damaged containers. Most of the “used” units that we buy are either in “cargo worthy” or guaranteed “wind and water tight” condition. If a higher-grade container is needed, such as IICL-5 or “One Trip”, we can always source the requested product. In fact, the more extensive the modifications become, our sales reps will often recommend a newer container in an effort to try and create the best finished product possible.

A large percentage of our common modifications are done utilizing used “wind and water tight” containers as they are the most cost-efficient ISO unit that we sell. As a certified small business we understand the basic concept of saving money in a tough economy; so when it comes to working with a container that has been exposed to the marine environment for years — we take special care in the preparation of these containers prior to doing the modifications. The containers are pressure washed, all surface rust is ground off to expose the Corten steel base, and those areas are primed and sprayed with direct to metal, water based paint. More information about this process, and all other details about the containers we offer, can be read in each modification product category.