20ft High Cube Open Side One Trip Container

  • Like New Condition

  • Full Side Opens Floor to Ceiling

  • Lock Boxes Included

  • One Foot Taller


One trip containers are manufactured overseas; mainly in Asia and are shipped with a single container cargo load. Once the container reaches its destination they are often available for sale. These containers are an excellent choice because they have not spent time on the ocean or in a container depot / terminals. One trip containers are available worldwide in most port locations. We offer one trip containers in various sizes and door configurations.

20ft high cube open side shipping containers are equipped with a cargo door on one end as well as a side door which opens in sections. These containers are reinforced to allow the entire side wall to open. High Cubes have an extra foot of height, making the container 9ft 6in tall on the exterior. That extra foot of height gives them more volume, space, and shipping capacity. There are a few different door configurations made so please ask us for more information about open side containers. These units are only available in like new or “one trip” condition. Open Side Containers are ideal for uses requiring some sort of display, such as architectural or retail purposes. In addition to the open side, these containers can also be equipped with a variety of different customizations.

Length: 20'
Width: 8'
Height: 9' 6"
Length: 19' 4"
Width: 7' 6"
Height: 8' 6"
Width: 7' 8"
Height: 7' 5"
Width: 18' 8"
Height: 8' 5"
Tare: 6990 lbs
Max Gross: 67,200 lbs
Cubic Cap: 1,158 cu. ft
Height: 0' 4 1/2"
Width: 1' 2 3 /16" 
Centres: 6' 9 7/8" 

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