40’ High Cube Shipping Container

ISO Shipping containers are the most prevalent manufactured unit for dry cargo transport. More than a quarter of the world’s dry cargo is shipped using ISO containers.  Overall unit volume is measured in TEU’s, or twenty foot equivalent, but 40’ containers, particularly 40’ high cube containers are a big part of this process.  The larger containers are known to be particularly suitable to carry the lighter cargo and of course cargo with higher dimensions.  That said, they are often in better overall condition for end users.

Common Uses

  1. Agricultural Storage:  Larger containers such as 40’ high cube storage containers are perfect for agricultural storage due to their volume.  When producing packing and shipping within the agricultural industry, portable storage is crucial and necessary.  The 40’ high cube container is a perfect solution.  If it’s in the field, or for use in transport of freshly picked fruits or vegetables, ISO shipping containers are multi faceted.

  2. Industrial Manufacturing:  Production and Distribution of industrial goods is an extremely demanding industry in terms of maintaining a proper supply chain.  One of the constants with this type of business is size.  Everything is big.  Warehousing, factories and equipment are typically all some of the biggest in the world.  A requirement in an industry where the size of the equipment and housing needed to produce goods is so big and the volume of goods being produced increases with inflation, is proper storage.  The 40’ high cube shipping container is a common unit size for industrial manufacturing equipment, storage of product as well as, of course, the shipping of these goods.  After all, the ISO shipping container itself is a component and product of this industry.

  3. Commercial and Residential Construction: Commercial construction is large scale.  Demolition and remodelling for large commercial buildings are more often than not, long term projects.  Construction site management uses 40’ high cube shipping containers not only for on site storage of equipment and supplies, but portable offices as well.  These units can be set up as portable office / storage combos and used for the duration of large projects saving money and overhead through a typically expensive process.

Residential construction, demolition and remodelling has similar demands on a smaller scale.  In these situations, the 40’ high cube shipping container is typically used for on site storage.  Sealed from the elements, these units are very dependable for storage in an arena where customers can be very demanding.