Container Alliance Guarantee

At Container Alliance, we stand behind our products and we want you to feel confident about the container you will be receiving. Since we own our containers and are not a middle man, we inspect every container prior to delivery. This means that we guarantee our container not to leak or have any holes. Here is the breakdown for our guarantee based on the grade of the container:

One Trip Containers - 7 Year Guarantee

40' High Cube Double Door One Trip Container

Refurbished Containers - 4 Year Guarantee

40' High Cube Refurbished Used Container

Cargo Worthy Containers - 3 Year Guarantee

40' Hight Cube Cargo Worthy Container

Wind & Water TIght Containers - 2 Year Guarantee

20' Wind & Water Tight Contianer

If for some reason any of these containers have an issue please give our team a call at (866) 734-1082 or email and we will take the necessary steps to rectify any situation that may come up.