Open New Doors with Container Alliance

Sometimes changing something as simple as the access point can make a process much easier. Since Container Alliance is on a mission to provide the most convenient and efficient storage possible, we offer a variety of different door modification options—because you don’t need to be working for your California container. Your container should be working for you.

By default, your container has two standard cargo doors attached. These serve as a practical way of keeping the container’s contents secure, but their hefty nature is a double-edged sword. They were made for loading freight, so opening the doors can be a job in itself. That’s why we also offer roll-up doors and personnel doors, with varied customizations to create the formula perfect for your intended use.

ROLL-UP DOORS: Ideal for those with heavy loads, our roll-up doors make the process a whole lot easier, quite literally taking a load off of your back. Their size is up to you; the doors come in sizes ranging from 4ft to 12ft wide, with generally 7.5 feet in height. This door can go on either side of the container or the back wall, and sometimes can even replace the cargo door. These doors are often purchased along with ramps to complete the convenient loading process.

LIGHTWEIGHT STEEL DOORS: Using the container for any type of residential purpose? Our lightweight steel doors—available in either 36” or 48” width—make the shipping container feel a whole lot more like an extension of the home or office instead of something used for shipping. You can rest easy knowing that your belongings will be safe behind this door’s deadbolt and handle locks. The steel door can open outward or inward depending on your needs. This product is also popular with commercial applications, as one of our most cost-effective, durable options.

SLIDING STEEL DOORS: Similar to our standard steel door, its sliding cousin is also available in 36” or 48” width and has both deadbolt and handle locks. It’s especially opportune for those who will be entering and exiting their container often, but are loading heavier items and desire the door to remain open for extended periods of time. This door is also lightweight and a top pick for both residential and commercial applications.

HEAVY-DUTY STEEL DOORS: Our heavy-duty steel door provides you with the convenience of a standard personnel door but the security of a cargo door. This door is created with pieces of the shipping container itself, so there’s no question of its durable and secure protective abilities. It’s ready to withstand the tools of thieves and the forces of Mother Nature. Made from corrugated and industrial steel, this door can open to the exterior or interior of the container through both a deadbolt and handle locking mechanism or lockbox. Depending on your individual intended use, the heavy-duty door can be installed on the side or end wall of the container, just needing +/- 2 inches to line up properly with the container wall.

Container Alliance is on a mission to provide the best shipping containers with the best modifications in the United States. You can find premium shipping container services all over the golden state through our company, and all over the rest of the country via our skilled partner companies. To learn more, visitour website, and to get a quote now, call 888-896-5084.