The Beauty of One Trip Shipping Containers

In the world of Shipping Containers, the “One Trip” Container is considered a new container. Although it has brought over one cargo load from where it’s been manufactured in Asia, it is essentially new. Typically built within the last couple of years, these immaculate steel boxes are definitely in a class all of their own.

The One Trip Container is very often used in applications where concerns of exterior condition and aesthetics are in question. New containers rarely have dents or dings and show very little surface rust, if any, that can become exacerbated over time, cause deterioration and eventual damage. Being manufactured in such recent years also guarantees that the container is built with corrosion resistant Cor-Ten steel and sprayed with factory paint in the more contemporary plants’ enclosed environments. The result is newly constructed, straight corrugation that is clean and looks impeccable. The interior of the unit is also extremely nice, with minimal off-gassing and other residuals effects that used boxes might incur from years and years of cargo shipments.

What does this mean for people looking to buy containers?

The excellent condition of the One Trip Container is paramount in the decision making of people in the market of purchasing containers. There are many uses for ocean freight containers that require this type of condition category. A prime example is when extensive modifications are being performed on the boxes. Cutting and welding into containers that have dings, dents and surface rust can be tricky due to the inconsistency of the steel. Utilizing New Containers really takes the guesswork out of modifying boxes.

In the ever changing and evolving market of containerized architecture, the use of one trip containers is common for this very reason. Exterior and interior condition is much safer and more sanitary for housing applications and even portable office type uses. Of course, in the container housing market, some of the clientele are looking to use a recycled material to be part of the “sustainable housing” progression. The One Trip container is considered new, but has been used once, obviously- it’s in the name; the containers, in fact have been manufactured to carry cargo overseas, so when the box is used as a building block for housing, it is actually a recycled process. It’s just a matter of the client, the type of product they want to use, and extent of the recycled/sustainable vision for which they’re reaching.

Using containers as building blocks is, as I mentioned, an evolving market- and is interesting. The concept of sustainability is forward thinking, and positive. We can’t forget the bread and butter our industry however, but the primary use in the re-purposing of shipping containers: storage. Using shipping containers for portable storage is by far the most common destination of ISO units. That said, the life of a container is actually a concern for some people buying containers to use for storage. The One Trip container is really a good product for storage due to the fact that it is built more recently and has a longer life expectancy than used boxes. So, when it’s all said and done, One Trip Shipping Containers are a good bet for all uses. The condition is ideal, the look is clean, and the containers last a long time. What more do you need?

Author: Gabe Crane, Container Alliance