Better Safe Than Sorry | Using Containers During Disasters

The world never seems to be in short supply of natural disasters. It seems like the numbers are increasing every year. So what are we to do to prepare for these events? One answer might not seem obvious, Shipping containers. Containers are well known to be strong and durable. Many countries are utilizing them to better prepare for anything mother nature can throw at them.


California: known for the perfect weather, beautiful beaches, and of course earthquakes. It does not seem like much time passes before the news or social media is flooded with stories about a small quake down the coast. You can rest easy knowing that your shipping container can stand up to the tremors. Since they are designed to be stacked on each other there is more than enough structural integrity to survive a quake. Countries like Haiti, that experienced a catastrophic 7.0 earthquake, looked to shipping containers to safeguard themselves from future possible disasters. Whether you are protecting yourself or your belongings, a shipping container will hold its ground.


Over the last few decades, there have been some pretty devastating hurricanes. Cities literally needed to be rebuilt after all of the destruction that occurred. These storms were enough to prompt a movement for future disaster shelters. The ruggedness of shipping containers makes them perfect to weather any storm. When whole buildings were smashed to rubble during Hurricane Katrina, shipping containers were some of the only structures still standing. Hurricane Sandy was so deadly that it inspired plans for container apartments to temporarily house victims. Since containers come from overseas they are built to be air-tight and travel against high-speed winds and water. They can be a safe haven for someone now and in the future.


Can you ever be too prepared? Some say if you stay ready, you will never have to get ready. Whether it is preparing for a storm or the zombie apocalypse, containers are a great choice. Shipping containers can make great above ground shelters. Modifications ranging from insulation, ventilation, heating/air conditioning to custom doors/windows and electrical packages can make any container livable.

Many people envision putting their container underground but take caution. Although containers are very solid, they are not built to handle the intense pressure of being buried or corrosive soil. If you HAVE to have it underground it would be a wise choice to hire a professional who can make sure your project is structurally sound.

We live in a time where anything is possible. New and exciting uses for containers are being every day. At Container Alliance we pride ourself leading the pack with a variety of modifications that can be done to better suit your fight against the elements. If you would like to learn more about how a container would be right for you visit us at or contact us at [email protected] or (866) 919-4483.