Shipping Container Eco-Cabins For Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America’s motto is “leave no trace,” Gensler embraced this motto when he built an eco-friendly cabin for Camp Emerald Bay on Catalina Island. The organization wanted to minimize the environmental impact of the renovation of the Army-style bunkers. Gensler is trying to transform the 85-year old campsite into a year-round outdoor educational center with a total of twenty off-grid cabins. Gensler used his knowledge of sustainable design principles and renewable energy along with two 20 ft shipping containers to create the cabin.

Photo: Inhabitat

The two shipping containers were insulated and a sheer, stretched fiberglass roof was added. The container floors are made of durable rubber flooring and the wood deck was reclaimed from a pier on site. The containers were retrofitted with LED lighting and solar photovoltaics. The LED lighting is operated by a solar system and offers the scouts light at night. The other building materials were shipped in the containers and assembled by the boy scouts themselves. This is a great project for a group of boy scouts who are learning about survival and sustainability. The architect, Richard Hammond felt that the shipping containers were the perfect building material for the eco-cabins because they are easy to modify, Hammond explains, “What we liked about containers we kept, what we didn’t like we changed.” Shipping containers are a desirable building material because of their affordability, availability, and eco-friendly nature. Gensler is teaching children how to recycle by using unused materials to help reduce the amount of waste on our planet. The cabins are fun and stylish and a great learning to tool for the scouts.

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