School's Out For Summer

It’s that time of year again, kids are running down the hall, throwing their final test in the air, and singing the famous lyrics from Alice Cooper’s “School’s out for summer.” Let that melody ring through the empty halls because summer is finally here!

What about all the school supplies being left unattended over summer break? Tons of desks, expensive technology like computers and tablets, along with irreplaceable school decor are being left behind with no one to watch over them.

Over one-third of the nation’s 84,000 public schools reported at least one incident of vandalism over the past year. Acts of vandalism can be both intentional and accidental. Some kids break into schools to show off in front of their friends or to complete some kind of dare or challenge. Nuisance break-ins are seemingly harmless and cause little damage. Malicious and professional break-ins are more serious, people are looking to steal or damage property. It is necessary that your school has protection no matter the scenario.

Prevent the stress of having to repurchase expensive items such as computers, tablets,  and books. How can you keep your school’s supplies safe? Look no further, a storage container is the answer! Storage containers are durable, safe, secure, and affordable. Container Alliance can deliver a storage container right to your front door! Enjoy the convenience of having storage on-site and being able to load items in on your own schedule. We offer month to month rentals along with containers for purchase.

Our containers are meant to withstand extreme weather conditions and are wind and watertight. The lockbox installed on your container will help prevent theft or vandalism from occurring. The lockbox makes it nearly impossible to cut off the padlock inside. A container will be a school’s safest bet when keeping your school’s supplies safe and secure. Modifications can be made to add extra security and reinforced locks.

What to store?

  • Desks and Tables
  • Books
  • Shelves
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Emergency Supplies
  • Files and Documents
  • Lab Equipment
  • Decor and Furniture

Container Alliance can you help your school find the right storage solution that will extend even beyond the summer. Ease your mind over the summer and relax knowing that your school is secured. We have both temporary and long-term solutions. Renting a container is a great short-term solution and buying a container is more for long-term applications. If you buy a container from us, you will have a storage container that can be used summer after summer, for many years to come. For more information contact us at (800) 386-2345 or fill out a quick quote form. One of our knowledgeable sales reps can answer any questions you may have about which container solution is right for you!