Custom Projects

Our ability to modify containers does not stop at the standard options and suggestions listed on this website.

Custom Projects

We modify each container specifically to meet your needs and create custom applications of all different types. We have done projects for many applications from aerospace to architects, ranch owners, and businesses from the smallest to fortune 500 companies. Regardless of the scope of your project large or small, we are here to help. We also have resources such as engineers, architects, and various contractors who are familiar with customizing containers. If you are looking for anything from a basic window or door, special paint, low voltage reconfigured refrigerated container, or even a container structure made from multiple units, we can make it happen! Contact us today for more information. 800-386-2345

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20' Office Container

40ft High Cube Cargo Worthy - 16ft Roll up Doors

40ft High Cube Deployable Workshop

Auto Shop Tool Container

Charter High School Container Project

Mobile Art Display

Deployable Satellite Monitoring System

20’ High Cube Container Conference Room

ISO Shippable Control Room


Container Tradeshow Booth

Missile Launch Container

Mobile Product Display

New Product Display Room

Oil Field Service Container

Container Artist Studio

Containerized Water Treatment System

Ductless Mini Split HVAC Container

Stand Up Paddle Storage Container

Trade Show Display Booth

Warehouse Interior Buildout

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