Containerized Water Treatment System


Container Alliance modified a 40ft ISO shipping container to house a water filtration system for our customer, Parker. The container will hold a system that converts seawater, brackish, or surface water into pure and safe drinking water. Container Alliance modified the container by adding custom paint, framing the container, adding insulation, along with adding an entry door for general purposes. Container Alliance also modified the container so that their water filtration system could easily be installed in the designated areas. Equipment/piping supports are added throughout the container to accommodate their equipment, along with external ports for primary power and simple wet connections. Container Alliance custom painted the outside of the container with heavy duty yellow paint and added the Parker logo to the side. The inside of the container was framed, insulated with water resistant internal sheathing, and painted. All of the components that make up the Parker Water filtration system can easily be installed to meet the unique water treatment requirements. This water-tight, durable container is ready to be shipped anywhere that temporary or emergency potable water is needed. This container is ready to be used in remote locations in response to emergency situations and can easily be relocated when needed.


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